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    your DATA at scale
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    Do you know what Customer Data you have?
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We help large companies with complex data problems solve key challenges.


We do intelligent Data Discovery and Classification for GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), so that all Customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) you keep is clearly understood.


Getting Digital is part about Technology, the bigger part is getting the right Customer, Product and Agreement Data at the right place for next best action. Our Approach and Technology ideal to get you going.

BI/Big Data

Senya provides a set of services to help you to understand your Business Data better. Amongst others leverage our platform/skills for EDW construction, Big Data curation & data mapping between core platforms.

Industry Models

Senya provide practice services for Industry Models.
Industry Data Models are a set of business and technical data models that are pre-designed to meet the needs of a particular industry.


Learn more about our Intelligent Data Discovery and Classification offering

DMO Concept

DMO(Data Management Office) liken to Project Management Office provide powerful approach to seeing your data.

Smart Discovery

We discover using a combination of automated AI/ML and human guided expertise.


We primarily operate at Meta-Data level; very secure and non-intrusive.

Value in Days/Weeks

Clear sight of your data happens in days/weeks not in months/years.

Your Data

We do highly structured, unstructured, big or small.

Cloud based

Our solution is in Cloud, hence lower TCO and seamlessly scale with you.

Intuitive Statistics

Our solution is built with intuitive insight in mind.

And much more!

Our ideas have evolved into a set of methods and tools that are already powering elements of some of the largest financial services Companies in the World.


Small synopsis of what we have been busy with

“Correlate global Risk exposure data to provide smarter risk management”

Global top 5 Insurer - Project REDS

“Harmonise global Claims Experience data to reduce cost-of-claims”

Global top 5 Insurer - Project HELIOS

“Establish Business Index for Big Data(Data-Lake instance) to merge disparate sources”

Global top 5 Insurer - Project GC

“Help understand my Business Data better and strategically move my Enterprise Insight forward”

Swedish Insurer- Project EDW

“Rapidly assess and align Credit Card Mart through AI/Machine learning for regulatory compliance”

Multinational Retail Bank


See some of what’s included in our Platform

Get to your key Projects

Easy way to orchestrate Data efforts using DMO concept

At a glance with drill-down views

Where is Customer PII information and thus RISK

At a glance with drill-down views

HOW MUCH of WHAT data do I have WHERE?

Senya GDPR Offerings

See your PII data fast and clearly using our free PII Template

Precise, Smart & Affordable

Capiible Template, RC1.2.0 now available.

GDPR dictate that you should document what Personal Customer Data you hold, where it came from and who you share it with.

Supercharge your efforts with this free intelligent Discovery and Classification Template for PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

See case on simple ways to get immediate sight of PII data. The Aviva UK and Allianz public websites was used to facilitate the example.

ProductSheet Get Template

Senya GDPR Service

Take a closer look

# Headline Feature Description
1 Fast Whole domain in 5-8 weeks and can run continuously thereafter.
2 Secure No need to touch your data
3 Cost Effective As a service, no acquisition, implementation etc cost. Can start same day.
4 Simple Connect, Classify, Comply ….Send us metadata, get classified results, take action
5 No Regrets If it doesn’t work for you, no obligations you in any case keep the results.

Quick, Easy, Affordable & Secure

Typically the Service aligns data within a 24h period. However, some data needs human guided settling and therefore we usually perform complete settling of a business domain or major application within a period of 5-8 weeks.
We are inter-operating mostly at the Meta Layer which means your data are very secure (we do not touch it) and therefore are non-intrusive to your 24x7 applications.
Consequently the service is very inexpensive, easy to use and can cover large spans of your Enterprise in rapid succession.

Clarity on your Customer Data

Discover across your Enterprise; small data, big data, structured and unstructured. Locate all Customer PII information using our advanced Fuzzy-Logic and Machine Learning technology.
Clearly see what Customer PII data is used where in what context.

Measure PII Intensity & Risk

Correlate PII Data Types across your data sources. Very easy to see where your PII data is located and what potential risk impact they have.

Fiduciary Duties

The Senya GDPR service helps you discover and classify PII regulated data. It automatically provides recording and reporting of this.
In addition part or all information can be interchanged with other systems/repositories acting in a particular role in your organisation.

Understand your data at scale

and get started!

  1. Use CAPIIBLE to deal with personal data structures for GDPR, Customer360 or becoming Digital.
  2. Use DATAPIPELINE for mapping data to various Industry and Platform Models e.g IIW, SID or Guidewire
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For more info and support, contact us!

Offices in UK/Europe and South Africa with partner representation in the USA

5 Minton Place, Victoria Road, Bicester OX26 6QB, United Kingdom